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Capture every lead and increase your conversion rates

Have you ever wished you could get your receptionist to identify specific types of calls, like new sales inquiries, service call outs, or even when people call to place an order and have her ask a specific set of questions or perform specific actions?

Using Call Group Forms the receptionist can easily see what to do and complete a qualification process or ask a set of questions of the caller, including telling them what will happen next.

Let’s look at an example for an accounting practice who has offered a $99 tax return and someone calls in saying “I saw your ad for the $99 tax return”. The Accountant may want to do two things, 1. Capture the callers information, and 2. Qualify the caller

This can easily be done using AnswerPoint software by adding a ‘Call Group Form’ to the screen which we could call ‘$99 Tax Return Inquiries’

The receptionist would then click on this and complete the scripted instructions and questions with the caller. The data captured would be sent via email.

This process gives the business a far higher conversion rate, better ROI on marketing, and provides a better customer experience to your caller.