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Answer Point software… Turns your Receptionist into a Super Star!

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Learn how this amazing software will change the way you handle inbound calls.

We’ve got internet, VoIP, CRM’s, ERP’s, offshoring and remote workers. There’s big business, and small business all playing in the same arena and among all that, technology is moving faster than ever, creating change. Most businesses now are familiar with VoIP or are already using it. There’s no ‘Switchboard’ for the receptionist, but the use of the telephone for business hasn’t slowed down, if anything, it’s possibly the area of your business where you stand to gain a solid advantage over your competitors. Because the truth is, handling inbound calls is often a weakness in businesses of all sizes.

That’s where AnswerPoint has designed a game changing solution to manage all the information required for the receptionist to do her job like a super star. With just one screen she can see who is available, transfer calls, send messages via email or sms, email out brochures, qualify leads, capture information, provide the caller with product and service information including pricing, hours of business, set appointments and so much more…

Data Capture

Gives you the ability to know what messages were sent to your staff. Are they responding to sales enquiries? Are there issues you may be unaware of? With a back end log to show you every message sent by your receptionist to staff members and every form that was completed, you can begin to see how your business is servicing it’s clients.

Marketing Campaigns

Are expensive and labour intensive, and yet when someone calls your business your receptionist may not be capturing valuable information. Using Call Group Forms for inbound inquiries and ensuring that clear instructions are available to your receptionist on all aspects of inquiries will improve the conversion of your marketing leads.

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